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  • 楽曲オンライン販売開始のお知らせ(bandcamp)

    Posted on 2013/05/27 02:18 iMp95 コメントはありません

    iMp(curled-coil) : bandcamp


    3 responses to “楽曲オンライン販売開始のお知らせ(bandcamp)”

    1. Hi

      Thank you very much for doing this!
      Would you mind releasing the albums on bandcamp with their songs instead of just single tracks? Then I can buy all songs in the album at once.

      Keep up the good work. Your music is very nice and good drum and bass is rare in doujin music.


    2. >>sh
      Thanks for supporting me.
      and,thank you for the good suggestion.
      The pack containing all the songs released until now was prepared.

    3. Thank you very much!
      Looking forward to more.
      If you are able to release a press CD in the following events, please consider selling through diverse-direct.

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